Aukai Branches of Sun

Aukai Branches of Sun
Aukai Branches of Sun
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Aukai Branches of Sun

Tracklist Aukai Branches of Sun:

01 Colorado 00:03:37

02 Oars 00:04:06

03 Turning Days 00:03:21

04 Fragmentary Blue 00:03:11

05 Distracted By Clouds 00:04:19

06 Nightfall 00:04:17

07 Branches Of Sun 00:03:19

08 Closed Eyes 00:02:48

09 Become 00:03:15

10 Umbrella 00:02:29

11 Iztac 00:03:05

12 Bareley Above 00:03:59

13 Distracted By Clouds (Remix by Ben Lukas Boysen) 00:04:59

Total Time 46:45

Aukai is a Hawaiian word meaning seafarer or traveler. It’s also used as a proper name, and people who are called Aukai tend to have a mystical, philosophical, introspective nature. All of which makes Aukai the perfect name for the ensemble and project by multi-instrumentalist and composer Markus Sieber. It’s a collection of ambient acoustic soundscapes that take the listener on an inward journey to a place of peaceful stillness and tranquil beauty. Branches of Sun appear even more mature and advanced with its sophisticated soundscapes and melodies.

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