Buddha Bar by Ravin Buddha Bar Vol. XX (20) [2CDs]

Buddha Bar by Ravin Buddha Bar Vol. XX (20) [2CDs]
Buddha Bar by Ravin Buddha Bar Vol. XX (20) [2CDs]
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Buddha Bar by Ravin Buddha Bar Vol. XX (20) [2CDs]

since music speaks louder than words... 20 years of creation, research, traveling, partying... so 20 years of love, happiness and sharing to sum up the story shortly. The first compilation released by George V Records was 20 years ago. After millions of CD albums sold, the one and only compilation of Lounge, World & Downtempo music comes back in stores. To meet the expectations of theBuddha-Bar lover,his anniversary double CD is mixed by world-famous and historical resident DJs – Ravin & Sam Popat . On the lounge CD, relax... Ravin is taking care of everything for you. As usual, he unearthed the best of World music throughout the world resulting in a colorful and thrilling selection with many exclusive tracks. On the second CD, Sam Popat highlights Electro music - a clever mix of electro and traditional instruments featuring a modern and bold approach that will appeal to all party-goers worldwide. Since music speaks louder than words... be it at home, work, friends ’houses or in traffic jams... stop everything you’re doing. Sit back, relax and let yourself be carried away by this new music gem signed by Buddha-Bar.

Tracklist Buddha Bar by Ravin Buddha Bar Vol. XX (20) [2CDs]:

01 CD1: Naturaleza (Mose Edit) 00:06:51
02 CD1: Fallin 00:03:18
03 CD1: Something To Say feat. Lunamila 00:04:17
04 CD1: Raise a cup of kindness (Weightless dub mix) 00:04:33
05 CD1: We Are One (Original Mix) 00:04:57
06 CD1: Geisha Blues 00:04:17
07 CD1: Kajra Mohobbat Wala feat. Hamsika Iyer 00:03:33
08 CD1: All We Want Is to Smile feat. Alvaro Suarez 00:07:42
09 CD1: A Tribe Called Kotori 00:04:06
10 CD1: Desert Road (Wahba's Moonlight Remix) 00:04:57
11 CD1: Mare (Robot Koch Remix) 00:03:53
12 CD1: Dreaming 00:04:37
13 CD1: Cheshmhaye To 00:06:11
14 CD1: Raise a cup of kindness (Weightless dub mix) 00:05:19
15 CD1: Suton 00:05:55
16 CD1: Crazy Day (Thor Krasnyi Morning Rain Mix) 00:04:04
17 CD2: Istok (Original Mix) 00:05:25
18 CD2: Zamin 00:04:53
19 CD2: Oasis ( Ali Farahani Remix ) 00:05:07
20 CD2: Samai (Armen Miran Remix ) 00:05:17
21 CD2: Odin 00:05:10
22 CD2: Dadouk 00:04:20
23 CD2: Gilgamesh (Timboletti Remix) 00:06:08
24 CD2: Horizont (Original mix) 00:05:32
25 CD2: Jabir (Original mix) 00:04:09
26 CD2: Yamar 00:05:28
27 CD2: Circle spin (Original mix) 00:05:09
28 CD2: Bedouin (Rework) 00:06:34
29 CD2: Azure 00:05:15
30 CD2: Fatima 00:05:38
31 CD2: Cyganka 00:05:27
Total Time 02:38:02

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