Deva Premal Into Light

Deva Premal
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The Meditation Music of Deva Premal is een exclusieve collectie van verlichtende chants, mantras en muziek voor meditatie en relaxatie. Deva Premal haar echte, oprechte toegewijde zang nodigt je op Into Light uit om het goddelijke licht in onszelf te vinden en te voelen. Op Into Light hoor je o.a.:
“The Moola Mantra” (invocation) which honors the divine light in everyone
“Om Namo Narayanaya,” a devotional song to Lord Vishnu who removes the darkness of illusion
“Illumina,” a song that draws on the four elements to help enlighten our lives
“Om Hraum Mitrya,” a chant encouraging the light of friendship to shine through us all

“Radiant and pure, Into Light invokes the illuminating sounds of sacred chant and makes a relaxing musical complement to massage, yoga, and any moment of peaceful contemplation." Deva Premal (2010)

Tracklist Deva Premal Into Light:
01 Lokah Samasta
02 Om Namah Shivaya
03 Moola Mantra (Invocation)
04 Moola Mantra, Pt. 2
05 Ilumina
06 Teyata [Shaman's Dream Remix]
07 Maha Mrityunjaya
08 Gayatri Mantra

Deva Premal - Mantra Muziek

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