Essential Yoga Meditation Growing Your Lotus Susan Ni Rahilly

Susan Ni Rahilly
NWCD 380
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Growing Your Lotus is the way we describe easing ourselves into meditation postures and grow stronger and more flexible in our practice of attaining these postures, for our Yoga Meditation practice. traditionally this would be the Lotus Posture, but this compilation of Susan Ni Rahilly's teaching is for beginners, those of you with weak backs or stiff joints.

The purpose of meditation posture with locked lower body is to still the messages from the lower body to the brain, bringing calm and quiet to the body and mind in meditation...

Tracklist Essential Yoga Growing Your Lotus Susan Ni Rahilly:
01 Introduction 5:29
02 Guide to Practice 3:17
03 Pelvic Balancing 10:40
04 Kneeing-Reclining Buddha 11:55
05 Supported Forward Bend 10:04
06 The Perfect Rose 13:15
07 Savasana-Final Relaxation 11:05
Total Time 65:59