Tom Kenyon Song of the New Earth

Tom Kenyon
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Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound.

This is the soundtrack from the movie Song of the New Earth: Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound, Tom is a composer, teacher, musician, singer, author, psychotherapist, brain scientist and certainly one of the most respected sound healers and alchemical teachers in the world today. His almost four-octave voice is stunning, and it transforms consciousness though his mastery, artistry and genius. (Booklet is Duitstalig)

Tracklist Tom Kenyon Song of The New Earth:
1  Spirit Calling Song 2:27
2  Crown Chakra Sound Meditation 12:45
3  BA RA SHEM KA 5:46
4  Sound Journey Through The Stars 13:53
5  Song to the White Tara 11:00
6  The BAROD 13:52
7  Gaias Song 15:29
Total play time: 01:15:12