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Feng Shui NorthStar Music
Northstar Music Feng Shui

Feng Shui, meaning 'wind water', is an ancient practise that has been in existence in the East for several thousand years.

It encourages the balance between Heaven and Earth and its practitioners believe that we should live in harmony with our environment, harnessing the life energy, and work with the planet instead of against it.

This album can help you unlock the secrets of the harmonious flow of chi to increase your health, wellbeing and happiness.

The melodies encompass the traditions and sounds associated with Feng Shui and are performed on ethnic bamboo flutes, bells, chimes, gongs, violin and gentle orchestrations.

CD Track List
Wind And Water  (9:36)
The Way Of The Chi  (12:20)
Elements  (6:29)
Shao Yin  (7:44)
Twin Concepts  (9:37)
Pah Kwa  (6:21)
Look At The Clouds  (7:26)