Northstar Music Reflexology

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Reflexology NorthStar Music

Reflexology is a hands-on self-help technique that uses the body’s own energy centers to heal itself by applying pressure to specific reflex points in the feet. The album is an ideal accompaniment to reflexology sessions because the gentle melodies will allow you to relax deeply and get in touch with your own healing power. With acoustic guitar, concert and ethnic flutes, and gentle orchestrations, this exquisite recording will be the natural choice for all your relaxation sessions.

Tracklist Northstar Music Reflexology:
1 The Serpent of Insight 02:55
2 Swan Song 06:17
3 Floating Leaves 06:42
4 Morning Clouds 04:43
5 Old Flame 06:22
6 A Sleeping Child 07:33
7 Golden Day 04:15
8 Mornings Like These 05:02
9 Akatoubo 03:06
10 Let Go Now 07:36
11 The Serpent Of Insight 12:10