Northstar Music Le Grand Bleu

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Le Grand Bleu NorthStar Music
Northstar Music Le Grand Bleu

Piano melodies, inspired by the oceans of the world.

The gentle sounds of the sea and the chatter of dolphins provide the perfect tribute to our natural world beneath the waves.

Sensitive and evocative of gently lapping water and tranquil blue green depths, the melodies create calm, peace and an atmosphere to relax and dream in.

Featuring a 1935 Steinway piano this album evokes visions of freedom, joy, grace and serenity.

CD Track List
Le Grand Bleu  (3:05)
Sailing  (5:16)
Whispers  (3:48)
Between Two Skies  (2:27)
Del Mare  (6:08)
Lost City  (4:09)
Remembering  (2:12)
Waves  (2:56)
Silhouettes  (6:11)
With You  (1:20)
Sacrifice  (2:43)
Virgin Islands  (2:07)
Ripples  (6:56)
To The Light  (1:12)
Deep Blue Dreams  (3:26)
Reflections  (5:50)
Nous Deux  (4:08)