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Pure Relaxation NorthStar Music
Northstar Music Pure Relaxation

Escape the pressures and stress of everyday life with the therapeutic and serene sounds of ‘Pure Relaxation’. Features gentle orchestration with concert and ethnic flutes, acoustic guitar, bells and piano… perhaps the most relaxing album ever… The Ambiente Series has been created to help you live a healthier lifestyle through the discovery of the wellness factor of music and alternative therapies. This music series is about vitality, positive living and thinking, and acquiring a sense of true wellbeing. The musical moods created are atmospheric naturalism, the harmonious compositions, at times reflect the meditative, but always inspiring and relaxing will gently help you to truly unwind and allow the inner healing process to begin.

Tracklist Northstar Music Pure Relaxation;
1 Ocean Horizons  (Helen Rhodes)  02:47
2 Pure Blue  (Emily Shreve)  03:55
3 Refreshing Breeze  (Helen Rhodes)  09:55
4 By The Shore  (Helen Rhodes)  08:41
5 Barefoot On The Beach  (Helen Rhodes)  05:57
6 The Wind Beckons  (Helen Rhodes)  07:39
7 Island Hideaway  (Helen Rhodes)  07:02
8 Ocean Horizons  (Helen Rhodes)  07:10
9 Paradise Like This  (Helen Rhodes)  10:23
10 Sands Of Now & Forever  (Helen Rhodes)  11:20