Northstar Music Free Mind

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Free Mind NorthStar Music

A pure acoustic instrument recording featuring the wonderful guitar playing of Mike Eaves complemented perfectly by the haunting sax and flute of Mark Allaway.

Containing subtle nature sounds and soft orchestration this album is sure to become a cherished favourite that will be played time and time again.

This album is accompanied by an 8-page booklet which features an excerpt from the book 'A Free Spirit' by Betty Shine.

Beautifully written and hugely inspiring this book could be the key to the doors of your mind that would otherwise remain closed.

CD Track List
Blue Mist  (6:05)
Sea Breeze  (4:38)
Sunset Bay  (5:52)
Drifting  (4:30)
Morning Dew  (5:10)
Ripples  (5:40)
Evening Tide  (5:55)
Sandy Cove  (4:16)
Back Ashore  (5:24)
Gentle Wind  (5:04)
Shoreline  (5:46)