Northstar Music Born Free

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Born Free NorthStar Music

The magic of a journey through Africa - the world’s most exciting continent. Each track has been composed to portray a time, place or event in an African season. "African Storm" conveys the humid atmosphere, evocative native chants and chatter of wildlife prior to the celebration of the rain.

"The Gathering" - a 12-string acoustic guitar masterpiece - proclaims the joyous rhythms and love of life that is the essence of this great land. "Freedom", in the classical style, is perhaps one of the most beautiful and emotive anthems ever written for Africa.

CD Track List
African Storm  (5:05)
Freedom  (4:43)
The Gathering  (2:44)
Land Of The Lion  (7:04)
Siya Phambili  (8:29)
Big Cats  (8:03)
Eternal Plains  (6:40)
Red Dawn  (7:36)
Classical Africa  (5:10