Northstar Music Moon Tears

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Moon Tears NorthStar Music

A beautifully crafted album of contemporary uplifting music reflecting the cultures and peoples of North East Africa. The gradual musical development, through diverse and eclectic influences, has culminated in a creative fusion of styles which all play their part in shaping the art and music of the African continent. Moon Tears reflects upon these influences, seen through the eyes and ears of these proud people.

CD Track List
Waterfall Magic  (4:40)
Indian Ocean  (9:33)
Mayotte Lagoon  (7:33)
Moonlight Coral  (3:44)
Moon Tears  (4:49)
The Elders  (5:12)
Crocodile Cove  (7:14)
Antelope Morning  (7:12)
Saffron Souk  (5:51)
Shanzu Beach  (3:50)