Northstar Music Celtic Rhythms

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Celtic Rhythms NorthStar Music

Sparkling traditional Celtic melodies in every style make this wonderful recording an essential item in any Celtic collection.

Played by Julian Gregory and Border Spirit the album is alive with tradition and sheer individual brilliance. Melodies featuring the sweetly haunting sound of the Pipes merge into lilting Irish airs on Harp, Fiddle and Whistle before sweeping into irresistible toetapping jigs and reels.

CD Track List
Drumadoon Point  (1:49)
The Jug  (3:54)
The Boar's Head  (2:57)
Dick's Maggot  (1:16)
Sail Around The Rocks  (2:48)
Distant Land Of Erin  (5:41)
The Athole Highlanders  (3:16)
Dingle Regatta  (3:37)
The Basket Of Turf  (3:20)
The Star Of Munster  (1:47)
The Bridal Jig  (3:00)
Hunt The Squirrel  (4:04)
Childgrove  (2:33)
Bute  (3:16)
The Old Grey Gander  (2:44)
The White Water  (3:18)
Morpeth Rant  (2:31)
Mary Young And Fair  (1:53)