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Celtic Guitar NorthStar Music

There are few things more pleasant than the pure sound of an acoustic guitar playing the wonderful Celtic melodies history has passed down to us. In the background the sounds of the forest gently whisper their approval as the guitar sings its age old melodies of love and legend.

Images of wild heather-clad mountains and log fires burning brightly are rekindled by the evocative sounds and themes of the Celts. A romantic celebration of poignant melodies, which in recent times have again become popular throughout the world, will make you rediscover the serene beauty of authentic Celtic music.

CD Track List
Copper Pot  (5:55)
Green Sleeves  (6:25)
Carrickfergus  (5:45)
Jenny Chickens  (5:39)
Red Is The Rose  (4:39)
Smokey  (4:22)
Blind Mary  (6:04)
Londonderry Air  (6:32)
Farewell  (11:24)

Written, arranged & performed by
Stuart Anthony & Steve Hall
Instruments used
Guitar, Violin, Whistle, Button Accordion, Percussion