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Black Velvet NorthStar Music
Northstar Music Black Velvet

The Seraph Choir have been together since 1992. All it's members are from the central African countries of Angola and The Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire). The choir represents a variety of churches from their home countries, however they are all united in their Christian faith and love of music and singing.

Before coming to England all the members belonged to similar choirs in Africa and hence sing in a variety of languages and styles.Their singing style is particularly distinctive because of the intricate harmonies and the mixture of folk, traditional and religious songs.

CD Track List
Nakotika Mikumba Na Nga  (3:16)
Joy Forever  (3:49)
Ngieti Kamba  (6:07)
I Will Come  (4:45)
Utunata-Undalula  (4:55)
Getting By  (4:26)
Kingomangoma  (5:33)
A Better Day  (3:40)
Freedom  (6:10)
Just A Closer Walk  (4:02)