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Garden Bliss NorthStar Music

The garden.

Perhaps one of the most tranquil and calming places imaginable and a haven for lovers of nature and peace.

The sound of birdsong, the gentle sigh of a summer breeze or the murmur of a brook all evoke the atmosphere that fulfils our basic need to be at one with nature.

This wonderful album of acoustic guitar melodies will enhance any quiet moment sitting in the garden or dreaming of summer.

CD Track List
One Afternoon  (4:41)
Even Song  (6:12)
Swan Song  (6:15)
Waiting  (6:54)
An English Rose  (4:54)
Inner Blue  (4:09)
Old Flame  (6:21)
Raindrop  (3:50)
Golden Land  (4:20)
The Last Serenader  (4:41)