Northstar Music The Way Of Chi

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The Way Of Chi NorthStar Music
Northstar Music The Way Of Chi

The Tao is the unknowable, both everything and nothing, beyond opposites.

It is the "way" of living in harmony with each moment as it unfolds.

Inspirational and alive with the musical influences of the mystic east The Way of Ch’i offers exotic melodies and gentle eastern percussion in a fusion of beautiful uplifting Oriental melodies.

Serene, spiritual and calming this album is the ideal partner for meditation, healing and inner peace.

CD Track List
Sheng Ch'i  (9:50)
Wei Ch'i  (9:04)
Dragon's Cosmic Breath  (8:15)
Breath Of Ch'i  (9:53)
Ching Ch'i  (8:06)
T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan  (19:47)
Sea Of Ch'i  (2:2)