Ashaneen Dancing on the Edge of Infinity

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Tracklist Ashaneen Dancing on the Edge of Infinity:
01 Dancing of the Egde of Infinity 00:09:08
02 Timeless Voyager 00:09:28
03 To Eternity and Beyond 00:08:49
04 Unlimited Awareness 00:11:38
05 Passion of the Soul 00:08:20
06 Space of Creations 00:11:53
07 Expression of I Am 00:04:10
08 Shift of Consciousness 00:08:28
Total Time 01:11:54

A boundary-less ethereal tapestry.  Some tracks are infused with soft ethnic rhythms, while others encourage the listener to drift into a realm of infinite starscapes.  Ashaneen’s expansive music brings about a great harmony, leaving the listener with a sense of connection to All That Is.

Ashaneen takes it a step further this time out as he continues his path of taking traditional new age into the future. The electronics are all there, the soundscapes are all there, but this time you get the real feeling of them turning into actual starscapes with an undercurrent that defines the...

Chris Spector
Midwest Record