Terry Oldfield Pure Flute

Terry Oldfield
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Pure Flute van Terry Oldfied weet je vast weer te raken. Op magistrale wijze weet Terry je mee te nemen in zijn fluitwerk. Pure flute ideaal voor yoga, meditatie, mindfulness en ontspanning. (jul-2017)

Tracklist Terry Oldfield Pure Flute:

01 After The Storm 00:05:16
02 Eternal Moment 00:05:34
03 Just Before Dawn 00:06:18
04 New Moon 00:05:46
05 Sunrise 00:06:42
06 Waves 00:06:00
07 Wilderness 00:06:01
Total Time 00:41:37

Once again Terry Oldfield touches our heart and soul with the purity and depth of feeling expressed in these magical flute journeys. Here we are transported to other worlds along streams of flowing blissful sound. Pure Flute is a series of ambient pure flute meditations perfect for Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Reflection - Soraya.