Robert Haig Coxon Quantum Reality

Robert Haig Coxon
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Robert Haig Coxon Quantum Reality

Robert Haig Coxon Quantum Reality

We hebben de kracht om onszelf te helen en onze realiteit, ons leven te veranderen. Door ons te verbinden met ons Qunatum zelf, hebben we toegang tot deze oneindige kracht die zowel onze innerlijke als uiterlijke werelden kan veranderen. Dit Quantum Reality geeft ons hiervoor de tools.

Tracklist Robert Haig Coxon Quantum Reality:

01 Transition 00:06:05
02 Quantum Self 00:22:03
03 Osakan 00:07:05
04 Resolution 00:03:41
Total Time 00:38:54

"We do have the power to heal ourselves and to change our realities, our lives. By connecting with our quantum selves, we access this infinite power that can change both our inner and outer worlds. This sequel to Mental Clarity gives us the tools.

In writing this CD my intent was to create a tool, a sound that would have an immediate profound effect upon the listener and their consciousness. I wanted this sound to be a catalyst or bridge in connecting one's 3-D world with the quantum self. New science is showing us something that the ancient qigong masters knew 5000 years ago... that by connecting with the quantum field, we tap into this inner power enabling us to heal ourselves and change our outer world.

QUANTUM REALITY is designed to help you progressively access your multi-dimensional self and therefore, your infinite possibilities."

-Robert Haig Coxon