Gregorian Chants Ave Maria

Gregorian Chants
NWCD 150
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Gregorian Chants Ave Maria

A beautiful release by the Benedictine Nuns of St. Cecilia’s Abbey as part of a series of nine chants, the first ever recorded by the UK nuns. Sung in the original Latin by the nuns in their own abbey, these melodies have a clarity and spiritual beauty that raises the soul into the presence of the divine. This recording will enhance meditation and create a quiet relaxing atmosphere, especially effective after a tiring day. The album has a powerfully soothing and healing effect on the mind, body and spirit, and can help in calming and centering practices.

Tracklist Gregorian Chants Ave Maria:

01 Mass of Our Lady; Introit, Salve Sancta Parens; Gradual Audi
02 Ave Maria; Salve Mater; Ave Maris Stella; Compline; Salve Regina

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