Entrance Steven Cragg

Entrance Steven Cragg
Entrance Steven Cragg
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Entrance Steven Cragg

Around the world, amongst all cultures and throughout time - Man has found meaning to 'EnterTrances' - Through Spiritual Aspiration, Physical Endeavour, Recreational Pleasure, Medicinal Purpose of by Simple Relaxation. With cultural reference to Christianity, South American Traditions, Haitian Voodoo, African Lore, Asian Devotional Worship, Polynesian Seafaring and Simple Daydreaming. Infused within Multi - Ethnic, Ambience, Salsa/Samba, Hip-Hop, House, Teckno jungle and Contemporary Dance Patterns.

Tracklist Entrance Steven Cragg:

01 EnterTrances
02 Carnival
03 Doctor's House
04 Worship
05 Haré Haré
06 Eyes on Horizons
07 Into the Ocean

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