Guitar Meditations Billy McLaughlin

Guitar Meditations Billy McLaughlin
Guitar Meditations Billy McLaughlin
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Guitar Meditations Billy McLaughlin

The perfectly balanced score creates the ideal atmosphere for meditation, yoga, or healing sessions. Guitar Meditations offers more than the soothing strings of acoustic guitarist Billy McLaughlin. Comprising 12 cool tracks, chill out with Billy and guest artists including acclaimed finger style guitarist Dan Schwartz and Emmy winning guitarist Ron Cohen of Ra Music, as well as the ambient soundscapes and synthesizer of Soutlfood's DJ Free. The beautifully mellow hour-long score is equally suited for meditation, yoga, and healing sessions. Yoga Magazine - July, 2006

Tracklist Guitar Meditations Billy McLaughlin:

01 Into the Light
02 Looking for the Good
03 Endless World
04 East to West
05 Sunshine
06 Madre
07 Polar
08 You're All Grown Up Now
09 The Pond, Pt
10 Sad Little Girl
11 Tres Casitas
12 Her Eyes

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