Initiation Phil Thornton

Initiation Phil Thornton
Initiation Phil Thornton
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Initiation Phil Thornton

De tracks op Initiation van Phil Thornton zijn authentiek en krachtig en combineren het geluid van walvissen en vogels met het kenmerkende geluid van de didgeridoo.

Now digitaly remastered 2015 orgineel 1990 - Authentic and powerful, Initiation weaves the haunting voice of whales and birds into the strong, mellow dream-world of the Didgeridoo. From the fascinating and earthy sounds of this most basic of natural instruments to the superb complexity of modern keyboards, we are enmeshed in a world of compelling imagination. Time and daily concepts lose themselves as this beguiling music works its spell - enchanting captivating and transforming the listener. This is a genuinely unforgettable venture deep into the realm of a spiritual initiation.

Tracklist Initiation Phil Thornton:

01 Guiding light 14:20
02 Initiation 11:40
03 Submission 12:45
04 New life 13:45
Total time 52:30

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