Klaus Wiese Soma

Klaus Wiese Soma
Klaus Wiese Soma
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Klaus Wiese Soma

Soma van Klaus Wiese is een Re-release, deze cd is in 2017 opnieuw uitgebracht op veler verzoek. Ooit als ambiente muziek speciaal voor therapeuten gemaakt voor trance-werk. Nu ook door vele anderen gewaardeerd omdat het je in een diepe trance kan brengen.

Tracklist Klaus Wiese Soma:

01 Soma I 00:12:12

02 The Divine 00:10:05

03 Astral Garden 00:10:50

04 Feathers 00:05:25

05 Noor 00:06:48

06 Soma II 00:14:30

Total Time 59:50

Re-release of a Classic by Klaus Wiese! Soma is an Ambient-CD, meant for Therapists, who work with Trance-Induction and for listeners, who look for real depth in music. it is a journey through the spheres of the Som-Chakra, gateway to the other worlds. in the virtual variety of endless possibilities a certain path is chosen, certain stations are touched like "The Divine", showing the awe-inspiring space of the divine totality or in "Astral Garden", giving a taste of the purity of Paradise. The Album is designed as a hermetic circle, starting, where it ends and ending where it starts…

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