Northstar Music Bitter Sweet

Northstar Music Bitter Sweet
Northstar Music Bitter Sweet
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Bitter Sweet NorthStar Music
Northstar Music Bitter Sweet

Warm soulful melodies that reflect places and emotion, experiences and images, funny and sad, dark and light; the story of each melody is given life through the voice of the guitar.

CD Track List
First Up (4:51)
Another Time (5:41)
Word On The Street (3:57)
Journey Home (4:33)
All I Ever Do (3:41)
Night Falls (3:46)
Praying For Rain (5:34)
Nice Pair (5:52)
Gone (5:32)
If You Knew The Truth About Lisa Jane (6:21)
Breathing Room (5:38)
Bless You (5:06)
What Is And What Should Never Be (5:16)

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