Wychazel Hang Drum Harmony

Wychazel Hang Drum Harmony
Wychazel Hang Drum Harmony
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Wychazel Hang Drum Harmony

Since its debut around 20 years ago, the Hang Drum has developed a growing following among niche musicians and sound therapists. This album invites you to experience some of the immersive and hypnotic sound qualities of this unusual instrument for yourself. Instruments include Hang Drum (D minor Kurd tuning) Singing Bowls, Gong, Ice Bells, RMX Percussion, Synths & Samples. This is a continuous play album with no silent pauses between tracks.

Tracklist Wychazel Hang Drum Harmony :

01 Touching The Source 00:07:36
02 Endless Expanse 00:09:26
03 Synchronicity 00:07:20
04 Luminescence 00:10:02
05 Hands Of Light 00:10:04

Tags: MG Music , Wychazel , cd
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