Devakant Earth and Sky

Devakant Earth and Sky
Devakant Earth and Sky
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Devakant Earth and Sky
Devakant Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky is geschreven en opgenomen in de Andes op de helling van een prachtige werkende vulkaan. Ruca Pillan wat betekend "The House of the Spirits". Devakant Earth and Sky is een krachtige cd met o.a. harp, fluit, digeridoo.

Tracklist Devakant Earth and Sky:

01 Night In The Mountains 00:05:34
02 Standing Rock 00:06:21
03 Nature Spirits 00:07:20
04 Homage To The Whales 00:10:41
05 Quantum Codex 00:07:34
06 Memories Of Andalucia 00:08:44
07 Spirit Flight 00:14:03
Total Time 01:00:17

The music of this CD was written and recorded in the Andes, on the side of a beautiful living volcano. The ancient name of that volcano is RUCA PILLAN, which means ‚The House of the Spirits‘. The spirits of those mountains are in this music, the fi re of the volcano, the deep blue of the lakes, the drenching rains and the green forests. It is a healing offering, that we may as a humanity change our actions, and strive to protect and harmonize with this beautiful planet that is our mother, not our property – and that we may cease to harm and begin to live in harmony with the creatures of the sea and land, sentient beings all, that our lives are totally and necessarily interwoven with in one vast fabric of life, on which all depend and contribute to.

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