Bernward Koch Tree Tales

Bernward Koch Tree Tales
Bernward Koch Tree Tales
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Bernward Koch Tree Tales

The new album Tree Tales is Bernward Koch’s fifteenth recording. Successful for decades, the pianist and multi-instrumentalist is one of the world’s leading artists in the fields of New Age, Neo Classical, relaxation, healing music and more. His first album Flowing (1989) was an instant success, especially in the USA. The album included the hit “Ever Returning” and was selected by California radio stations for various benefit compilations with greats like of Bonnie Riatt, Al Jarreau and Sting. The follow-up album Laguna de la Vera (1992) immediately entered the Billboard New Age charts when released. The song “Touched by Love” from his album Walking through Clouds (2005), was included on a compliation with Academy Award winner Ennio Moriccone. The track “Childhood Hour” was used in the award-winning film Shaniko (2008). Walking through Clouds has been streamed close to 200 million times. The new album Tree Tales once again highlights Koch’s strengths — catchy and dreamy melodies with soothing harmonies that stay with you and touch your soul.

Tracklist Bernward Koch Tree Tales :

01 The Key 00:02:39
02 Inner Light 00:04:08
03 Lonley Pinwheel 00:02:48
04 Warm Fall Sun 00:03:01
05 Hidden Dream 00:03:38
06 Single Young Tree 00:03:10
07 Sweet Memory 00:04:35
08 Hills And Bushes 00:03:08
09 Free In The Air 00:03:36
10 Beech Woodland 00:03:03
11 A Rare Flower 00:03:18
12 Dark Old Trees 00:03:25
13 Sleeping Leaves 00:04:31
14 Autumnal Landscape 00:02:46