Brian Carter Living in Harmony

Brian Carter Living in Harmony
Brian Carter Living in Harmony
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Brian Carter Living in Harmony Living in Harmony chooses to study the relationship between poverty contrasted with the deep spiritual wealth of the indigenous population. Whether you wish to travel in Brian’s footsteps embarking on a spiritual path to self-fulfillment, or simply to enjoy the musical flavours of Native American culture, this album delivers all the way. The track Beauty of the Forest is a particular favourite of the artist, being transmitted to Brian directly from the spirits in the early hours of a Saturday morning. This became the catalyst for the recording of a worthy album in tune with the spiritual world of the ancients. Whether one chooses to take this musical journey as a progression towards self-fulfillment, healing, knowledge, or simply to appreciate fine musicianship, the route is never as straightforward as we imagine.

Tracklist Brian Carter Living in Harmony:

01 Sunrise
02 The Flight of the Eagle
03 The Beauty of the Forest
04 Living in Harmony

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