Bruno Aleppio

Bruno Aleppio Green MatrixTracklist Bruno Aleppio Green Matrix:Chant for the Heart Chakra 6:54Cavaillon 6:22In My Arms 4:47Toujour (mon amour) 4:38Kyrie Eleison 7:20Words to Myself 5:41When Love Gets Blue 6:09Spring 3:26Eleni 5:55I Look in Your Eyes 2:39I Know 3:55Total Time: 00:57:46..
Excl. BTW:€16,52
Bruno Aleppio Light Blue Matrix (No Music Yet)Tracklist Bruno Aleppio Light Blue Matrix:Never Give Up 5:05Utopia 3:30A Million Years 5:04Kudu 5:32Crystal Palace of the Dragon King 3:53Moonlake 4:17Be What You Are 4:25Heart of India 7:07Southern Cross 4:56Three Stars 4:33Family Love 5:13Total Time: 0..
Excl. BTW:€16,52
Bruno Aleppio Yellow MatrixTracklist Bruno Aleppio Yellow Matrix:Rainwoman 5:17Mitumba 2:46Foregiveness 11:02The Eastern Sun 4:31Kama Rupa 3:09South Africa 6:10Mumbai 5:00Dervish 4:00Prayer 7:48Look at the Sky 9:27Wisdom of Life 3:49Total Time: 01:02:59..
Excl. BTW:€11,56
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