Cataleya Fay Soham

Cataleya Fay Soham
Cataleya Fay Soham
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Cataleya Fay Soham

Tracklist Cataleya Fay Soham:

01 Asato Ma 00:05:50
02 Devi Sai Ma 00:06:06
03 Oh Jio - Lokah Samastah 00:05:11
04 Liebe - Om Tare Tuttare 00:04:56
05 In the Spirit of Shiva 00:05:39
06 Baba Babushka - Jai Ma 00:04:41
07 Don't Forget to Breath 00:05:32
08 Hymenaea 00:06:11
09 Sahana Vavatu 00:06:20
10 Layara's Lullaby 00:05:01
Total Time 00:55:27

Cataleya Fay proudly presents her now 4th album "Soham" in collaboration with producer Sitara Schmitz and the Cologne based label electromantica. This vedantic mantra -"I am that" - stands for a selection of Cataleyas favourite chants. She combines these ancient recitations with her delightful songs and poems supported by gifted musicians such as jazz guitarist Florian Zenker, sound artist Eela Soley and percussionist Christoph Hillmann. So- (inhalating) Ham (exhalating). The breath connects singing with the all-embracing vibration. Soulful, delicate, jazzy and even danceable interpretations - with a slight electronic touch - sung in Sanskrit, English and German. Music without borders. Headphones welcome.