Deval Premal Mantras For Life

Deval Premal Mantras For Life
Deval Premal Mantras For Life
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Deval Premal Mantras For Life

Deval Premal Mantras For Life cd (mei 2014) uit voorraad leverbaar. Primeur als één van de eerste winkels kunnen wij deze prachtige cd uit voorraad leveren. Luister naar Deva Premal & Mitten met Manose naar de transcendente collectie chants met prachtige intenties zoals de zegening van kinderen, zorg voor alle dieren, voor perfecte timing, helpen van vrienden, het eren van Moeder Aarde en veel meer..

Tracklist Deva Premal Mantras For Life:

01 Om Sahana Vavatu Mantra (Shanti Mantra) 2:04
02 Hanuman Mantra (Strength Through Devotion) 7:26
03 Saraswati Mantra (Music And Learning) 6:37
04 Narayana Mantra (Divine Spirit) 7:12
05 Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Mantra (Devotion To The Mystic Law) 4:11
06 Kumara Mantra (Blessing The Children) 7:33
07 Kala Mantra (Perfect Timing) 6:50
08 Niyamaya Mantra (Law Of Nature) 7:11
09 Pashupati Mantra (Blessing The Animals) 8:37
10 Om Purnam Mantra (Shanti Mantra) 2:35
11 Mantra To Find Lost Things (Bonus Track) 0:47
12 Ananda (Bonus Track) 6:11

Mantras For Life is the luminous new album from Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, intended to support you in sacred mantra practice. The mantras are chanted in the traditional manner of 108 times, which allows us to immerse ourselves in the potent energy of these ancient sound formulas.

This transcendent collection, featuring Manose on bansuri and Kamal Engels on cello, includes chants to invoke specific intentions, including blessing of children; caring for all animals; for perfect timing; celebrating poetry, music and learning; helping friends and loved ones to transition from their physical bodies; and for offering gratitude and support to Mother Earth. Also included on the album as a bonus track is the joyful new concert favourite Ananda featuring Joby Baker.

Deva & Miten invite you - and your friends - to join them in the experience of deep inner healing and peace that Mantras For Life offers.