Gandalf The Stones Of Wisdom

Gandalf The Stones Of Wisdom
Gandalf The Stones Of Wisdom
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Gandalf The Stones Of Wisdom

Music geïnspireerd op het boek "the stones of Wisdom". Mysterieus, filmachtig en indrukwekkend, typische Gandalf muziek.

Tracklist Gandalf The Stones Of Wisdom:

01 The Lonesome Wanderer 4:42
02 Secret of the Ancient Tree 8:49
03 Questions of the Heart 1:52
04 Simades - A Guide on the Path of Wisdom 2:33
05 Words of Silence 1:10
06 Roads of Atlantis 7:00
07 Talk with the Spirits of the Sea 3:38
08 Astral Excursion 3:59
09 Dance of Ecstasy 3:48
10 Stones of Wisdom 5:49
11 The Light 0:48
12 The Ageless Beauty of Magaia 6:09
13 Men-An-Tol - The Healing Stone 1:04
14 To a Different Shore 1:56
15 Ritual Night at the Stonecircle 4:29
16 Wings of Love (Osjame´s Theme) 5:05
17 Servants of Darkness - Servants of Light 5:24
18 Morning of Peace 1:48
19 Source of Light 5:48
Total play time: 01:15:51

The album was created as a sort of soundtrack to the book "The Stones of Wisdom" of the Austro-Irish author Ronald P.Vaughan. The story is about a period more than 4000 years ago. To get inspired, Gandalf, who always felt a strong affinity for Celtic Music, was wandering on traces of ancient civilizations and visited mystical stone-sites and old places of worship in southwest England. The music is based on wooden flutes and drums, to be joined by guitar, harp and piano in phases. Electronics moved rather into the background, the rhythm follows the beating of the heart and the breath of nature.

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