Global Journey Cafe Chile

Global Journey Cafe Chile
Global Journey Cafe Chile
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Global Journey Cafe Chile

Between the magnificent Andes mountain range and the Pacific Ocean lies the vibrant city of Santiago de Chile. The Café Mapocho take it's name from the river the Café is awash with a spirited and lively atmosphere that imbues a joie-de-vivre amongst all those who dwell. This intoxicating ambience is further fuelled by the dynamic music of Pan Pipes, Charango Guitar and Flutes.

Tracklist Global Journey Cafe Chile:

01 The Sun on the Mountain 00:06:50
02 The Road to Peace 00:06:36
03 Flight of the Condor 00:06:05
04 My Love Who Left Me 00:04:39
05 Come to The Carnival 00:06:54
06 Drums and Pipes 00:05:56
07 The Whole World Dance 00:07:13
08 Brave Conqueror 00:03:36
09 The Beautiful Andes 00:07:52
Total Time: 00:55:41