GrooVision Inspiration

GrooVision Inspiration
GrooVision Inspiration
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GrooVision Inspiration

Groovision's second album "Inspiration" spans a wide dynamic range inspired by the phases of the 5 rhythms according to Gabrielle Roth. As music therapists, the two multi-instrumentalists know how to develop their music in connection with the dancers and to complete it in compositions full of character. Influences from South American folktronica and dub reggae interweave with archaic trance instruments such as didgeridoo, Jew's harp, monochord and handpan to Worldmusic with an electronic touch.

Tracklist GrooVision Inspiration :

01 Lovers Tribe 00:07:45
02 Tango Bliss 00:08:06
03 Uluru Beats 00:07:33
04 Inspiration 00:10:02
05 Mystik Move 00:09:36
06 Dubs Dance 00:07:26
07 Shivas Chant 00:09:50
08 Ocean Star 00:07:28
09 Ibiza Beach 00:08:08

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