Guru Shabad Singh Sushmuna Sadhana

Guru Shabad Singh Sushmuna Sadhana
Guru Shabad Singh Sushmuna Sadhana
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Guru Shabad Singh Sushmuna Sadhana

Tracklist Guru Shabad Singh Sushmuna Sadhana:

01 Wha Yantee 00:07:26
02 Mul Mantra 00:08:17
03 Sat Siri Siri Akal 00:07:08
04 Rakhe Rakhanhar 00:07:19
05 Wahe Guru Wahe Jio 00:22:26
06 Guru Ram Das 00:05:32
Total Time 0:58:08

On his Aquarian Sadhana album Sushmuna, renowned musical master and pioneer Guru Shabad Singh finds back to his first roots of mantra music, recalling the early days of evergreen classics such as Sa Re Sa Sa and Ajai Alai, and bringing it to the present with beautiful orchestral arrangements, folky guitars and sweeping backing vocals. Shushmuna is an inspiring Aquarian Sadhana album featuring a few new singers, including Los Angeles based Anthea “Jaskirpal” Kaur and others, adding a new vibrancy and energy to Guru Shabad’s widely loved classic and melodic style. Written and performed exactly as he plays it in his own Sadhana, Guru Shabad has created the first continuous Aquarian Sadhana album. From Wha Yantee through Guru Ram Das, Shushmuna flows from one mantra to another with effortless ease, featuring unique orchestral interludes that create a transition from one mantra to the next. Shushmuna even allows a 20 second pause of silence between Rakhe Rakhanahar and Wahe Guru Wahe Jio for people to switch to the Veer Asana posture, in accordance with the Aquarian Sadhana teachings of Yogi Bhajan. The Naad remains unbroken throughout and allows you to either enjoy the music casually or actively practice your personal Sadhana.

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