Guy Sweens The Alchemist

Guy Sweens The Alchemist
Guy Sweens The Alchemist
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Guy Sweens The Alchemist

At once appealing, magical and draws you back to a time of mystery and wonder. Guy proves himself a master of anything he cares to create with a blend of authentic medieval instruments and keyboards. Melodic, expressive and highly recommended.

Tracklist Guy Sweens The Alchemist :

01 The Manuscript 00:06:25
02 Obscure Formula 00:06:03
03 In Deepest Secrecy 00:06:32
04 Elixir 00:06:41
05 Turning Metal into Gold 00:05:01
06 The Kings Court 00:06:04
07 Nicolas Flamel 5.02 00:05:02
08 Magnus Opus 00:05:31

Tags: MG Music , Guy Sweens , cd
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