Jai-Jagdeesh Miracles Abound

Jai-Jagdeesh Miracles Abound
Jai-Jagdeesh Miracles Abound
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Jai-Jagdeesh Miracles Abound (No Music Yet)

On Jai-Jagdeesh's newest release, Miracles Abound, she invites you to join her on a journey to welcome and awaken miracles in your life with four powerful and profoundly moving meditations.

Tracklist Jai-Jagdeesh Miracles Abound:

1 The Miracle of Connection (Dharti Hai) 12:37
2 The Miracle of Surrender (Dhan Dhan) 31:15
3 The Miracle of Healing (Ra Ma Da Sa) 12:11
4 The Miracle of Miracles (Ardas Bhaee) 13:23
Total play time: 01:09:26

All invoke the spirit of miracles and healing embodied by Guru Ram Das. Jai-Jagdeesh's voice is truly a vehicle to reaching the deepest place of prayer within yourself, and this album opens you up to having those prayers answered. Allow yourself to be silently drawn to the miraculous space within this music. This album is a part of the 'Meditations for Transformation' series, which is a beautiful offering to the yoga community. Each CD contains extended meditations for use in your practical life as a yogi and meditator. Within the packaging is a detailed description of the mudra to use in practicing the meditation accompanied by details of the benefits of doing the meditations. The goal in creating these products was to offer tools for to use to bring a daily practice of meditation into your life. The basic guideline for these meditations is to try them out for at least 40 days. According to Yogi Bhajan, in 40 days you will break a bad habit, in 90 days you will create a new positive habit, and by 1000 days you will experience mastery. Create a sacred space in your home where you can practice one or all four of these meditations.