Joachim Goerke Peace & Pain

Joachim Goerke Peace & Pain
Joachim Goerke Peace & Pain
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Joachim Goerke Peace & Pain

Dear audience, greetings from my heart to you! More than two very special years have passed, during which most of these new ‚Piano Songs‘ surfaced from deep inside me! At first, I released some as singles online, but it became soon clear that a new ‚Piano Solo CD‘ shall beborn. It took some back and forth, until I decided to choose the best and most meaningful way: I called Tom Dams to ask if he could imagine a further special recording. All at once, everything was filled with glowing light and a whirl of love. Now I am really happy to be able to present you such beautiful high-end piano music. I am grateful these „golden pieces“ have come together on this new CD. May the music comfort you and touch your soul! May all beings be happy!‘ -Joachim Goerke

Tracklist Joachim Goerke Peace & Pain :

01 Du
02 A Moment Of Deepening (Version 2022)
03 Places Of Consolation (Version 2022)
04 Dance of the Fairies
05 Peace and Pain
06 Two Children Are Painting (Version 2022)
07 Bunte Feder und Weißer Wind
08 Coming Back Home
09 Dear Inner Child (Version 2022)
10 Weaving A Golden Gown
11 Secret Garden
12 Finally Peace