John Serrie The Sentinel

John Serrie The Sentinel
John Serrie The Sentinel
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John Serrie The Sentinel

The Sentinel is gebaseerd op Stewart Cowley's science fiction serie uit eind jaren 70. Spacy muziek en mysterieuze klanken nemen je mee de ruimte in.

Tracklist John Serrie The Sentinel:

01 The Sentinel
02 Centauri Arrival 07:22
03 Ghost Ships 09:55
04 Semblance on Laguna 7 08:04
05 The Veils of Beta Pavonis 11:39
06 Starship Destiny Homeward 18:52

In the late 70’s when I was beginning my career in the creation and production of professional space music for the planetarium industry, I came across Stewart Cowley’s book series that told stories of the Terran Trade Authority through prose and space art.

The work used to support the stories came from the portfolios of some of the finest space artists in the world. These books, Spacecraft, Spacewreck and Great Space Battles, became a personal Bible of inspiration, musical vision and synthesizer programming techniques for planetarium show production and space music album concepts for many years. To this day, I still use them in that fashion.

The Sentinel represents a Virtual Reality journey, going deep into my imagination and musical universes as I create audio chapters of space music that the listener can experience firsthand. In this journey, you are The Sentinel, you are on the command bridge, you are wearing the spacesuit, it is your universe, all told through imagination and the superb influence of these 3 great books. Welcome Aboard!

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