Krishna Kaur Longing

Krishna Kaur Longing
Krishna Kaur Longing
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Krishna Kaur Longing

Longing van Krishna Kaur is een krachtige boodschap van liefde, vrede, dankbaarheid en moed. De tracks zijn een combinatie van mantra’s, gewijde gedichten, R&B en jazz en worden met passie gezongen door Krishna Kaur.

Tracklist Krishna Kaur Longing:

01 Ong Namo 00:05:26
02 Namo Namo 00:07:39
03 Ram Bhajh Pranee Re 00:07:36
04 Memories 00:11:23
05 Man Jeetai Jagjeet 00:07:16
06 Hari Will Stand By You 00:06:47
07 Aadays Tisai Aadays 00:11:42
Total Time 00:57:49

Join Krishna Kaur on this sacred prayer of longing. Produced by Thomas Barquee, this second solo album is a soul-stirring mixture of mantra, devotional poetry, R&B, and jazz. Krishna’s power, passion, and devotion deepens with each track, where she is accompanied by C.C. White and Lina Wade on vocals, as well as saxophone, guitars, keyboards, percussion, and flute. This album embraces listeners with Krishna’s huge heart and moving, uplifting energy. Dedicated, by Krishna, to the many teenage women and men in under-resourced communities throughout the world, Longing is a powerful message of love, peace, gratitude, and courage - inviting everyone to experience the joyful and soothing space of stillness within.