Loveis and Jay Vidmahe - We Meditate On

Loveis and Jay Vidmahe - We Meditate On
Loveis and Jay Vidmahe - We Meditate On
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Loveis and Jay Vidmahe - We Meditate On

For each deity in Hinduism there is a so-called Gayatri Mantra, with which the energy of the corresponding divine aspect is invoked. Vidma-he - We meditate on", the second album by Loveis & Jay, is based on these sacred Sanskrit texts and gives them musical form with sensitive melodies and multifaceted arrangements. While Jay devotes herself more to the female side with the deities Durga, Kali, Saraswati and Lakshmi, the compositions for the male deities Surya, Brahma, Ganesha and Vishnu come from the pen of Loveis. But it is also in this album, which invites to calm and moving meditation, the vocal sound of Loveis & Jay, which exerts a special fascination. A detailed booklet with texts, translations and explanations is another door opener for the message inherent in these mantras: When we sing to the deities, we sing about a special aspect of the divine in ourselves.

Tracklist Loveis and Jay Vidmahe - We Meditate On :

01 Surya - Vidmahe 00:08:17
02 Durga - Vidmahe 00:06:25
03 Brahma - Vidmahe 00:06:40
04 Kali - Vidmahe 00:06:08
05 Saraswati - Vidmahe 00:06:30
06 Ganesha - Vidmahe 00:06:05
07 Lakshmi - Vidmahe 00:04:52
08 Vishnu - Vidmahe 00:05:11

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