Medwyn Goodall Echoes of Emergence

Medwyn Goodall Echoes of Emergence
Medwyn Goodall Echoes of Emergence
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Medwyn Goodall Echoes of Emergence

Echoes of Emergence was de eerste album die Medwyn Goodall uitbracht in 1987. Ter ere van zijn 30 jarige jubileum heeft Medwyn Echoes of Emerhence geheel opnieuw opgenomen.

Tracklist Medwyn Goodall Echoes of Emergence:

01 A Misty Morning across the Water 00:05:51
02 Drifting 00:05:11
03 On a Mountain 00:05:51
04 Lonely Shores 00:05:23
05 Sailing 00:05:19
06 The Lullaby 00:04:10
07 The Spring Tide 00:05:57
Total Time 00:37:42

Emergence was Medwyn's first ever release in 1987. To celebrate his anniversary he has re-recorded, re-imagined his first album. This isnt a re-mix, it is a totally new updated recording, created from scratch. Only the actual writing is from 1987. Originally inspired by watching early morning mist over Helford river in Cornwall.

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