Riley Lee Bamboo Soup

Riley Lee Bamboo Soup
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Riley Lee Bamboo Soup
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Riley Lee Bamboo Soup Bamboo Soup's moody, atmospheric feel moves gracefully between the sparse, meditative melodies of the Shakuhachi (played by Grand Master Riley Lee) and the dense sounds of drum n' bass in an instant. An album of contrasts, Bamboo Soup is energetic and serene, solemn and playful, eccentric and simple, electronic and acoustic. Contemporary beats are spiced with bamboo, bongos, congas, Japanese drums and double bass.

Tracklist Riley Lee Bamboo Soup:

01 Karate Master
02 Piece for Orchestra
03 Golden Buddha
04 Deer Horn
05 Gravity Whispers
06 It's a Running Bamboo
07 Floating World
08 Red Tentacles
09 No One Sleeps