Shastro Lovers Night

Shastro Lovers Night
Shastro Lovers Night
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Shastro Lovers Night

De eerst volgende keer dat je muziek nodig hebt voor een massage, een warm bad om te ontspannen, een herstellende yoga-sessie of muziek om de intieme momenten met een partner te delen neem dan dit Lovers Light van Shastro eens....

Tracklist Shastro Lovers Night:

01 Under the Moonlight 9:48
02 Letting Go 12:43
03 Lovers Night 15:43
04 Coming Back Home 10:19
Total Time: 00:48:33

For those of you who have enjoyed Tantric Heart, this long awaited new release by Shastro will be the perfect new addition to your collection of relaxed and sensual music. The slower pacing of Lovers Night indeed has the same qualities of sensuality but invites a more intimate and languid movement in both mind and body. The unhurried, often sultry and seductive sounds of the clarinet are in the forefront in this album and are heartened with the ever present romantic qualities of Shastro’s guitar, all supported by a tapestry of delicate and mysterious rhythms.

Next time you need music for a massage, a hot bath to unwind, a restorative yoga session or music to share with a partner in intimate moments, this is the soundtrack for you.

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