Wychazel Pagan Priestess

Wychazel Pagan Priestess
Wychazel Pagan Priestess
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Wychazel Pagan Priestess

A third musical journey inspired by Norse myth and legend. “Pagan Priestess” is an atmospheric blend of Celtic and Gaelic musical influences, inviting you to step once more into the domain of ancient Norse gods, pagan landscapes and the revered tree of life: Yggdrasil. Instruments include skin drums & percussion, tagelharpa, harp, guitars, reed pipes & whistles, environmental effects, synths & samples. This is a continuous play album with no silent pauses between tracks.

Tracklist Wychazel Pagan Priestess :

01 Priestess of Vanaheim 00:09:53
02 The Voice of Freyja 00:08:13
03 Blessed by Freyr 11.03 00:11:03
04 Quest for Mjollnir 00:08:13
05 Oceans of Njoror 00:12:07

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