Wychazel Wild Orchid

Wychazel Wild Orchid
Wychazel Wild Orchid
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Wychazel Wild Orchid

A peaceful musical journey into the mystical and exotic world of the Far East. Enticing Oriental themes against an immersive backdrop of natural sounds invite you to take a time out and simply relax. Instruments include GuZheng, Koto & Yangqin, Bamboo Flutes, Gamelan, Bowls, Bells & Gong, Guitars, atmospheric effects, synths & samples. This is a continuous play album with no silent pauses between tracks.

Tracklist Wychazel Wild Orchid :

01 Wildflower Maedow 00:07:52
02 White Heron Little Mouse 00:09:44
03 Weeping Willow by the Water 00:08:48
04 The Taming Power of the Small 00:12:12
05 Wild Orchid 00:11:24

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